The Green Paw

Compost Bin.

Some gardens have a compost heap or compost bin.

Why have a compost bin?
This is a great way to let garden waste, and some uncooked kitchen waste, rot down and provide new compost to use in the garden.

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Growing Cats in the greenhouse

Repawter: Jessie ( a.k.a. Loonylankylegs)

Most humans grow plants, or veggies in their greenhouses, but not my human - she is pretty good at growing cats!
Yes, cats you heard right!  

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Hedges, Fences and walls.

Most gardens have either a hedge, fence or a wall surrounding it.
Depending on who owns the hedge, there are several options to secure the area.
The first problem is to establish who owns the hedges, fences or walls surrounding your garden.
It is good to regularly check the perimeter of gardens for damage or entry/exit points that have started appearing..
Hedges are a bit harder to secure as they are a growing plant and will have natural holes and gaps everywhere. 

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