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I live in Innerleithen, a small town nestled in the beautiful Scottish Borders, with my cat Millie.

Stained glass came into my life almost 10 yrs ago when I saw a TV programme about this fascinating subject and I thought…’I must try this’.
I researched the subject, reading books, watching videos on the internet and bought basic tools required for me to begin my journey.

I love working with glass, always learning, always in awe at the way the glass ‘comes alive’ when the sun or a light shines through it and the huge range of textures and colours that are available make me feel like a child in a sweet shop especially when I’m in a supplier’s showroom.

Over the years I have gradually managed to increase my tools and stock, enabling me to create and develop my designs into sometimes complex and intricate pieces.
I use art glass or what is commonly known as stained glass, however stained glass is where the artist paints an image onto a sheet of glass and then fired to ‘set’ the painting onto the glass.

The glass I use is coloured by using different techniques, such as the mouth blown method whereby the craftsman melts and blows coloured powdered glass into a large glass cylinder, cooled then melted and smoothed into a sheet of glass.
I use many different types of sheet glass; Antique; Baroque; Cathedral; Streaky and more to produce the beautiful items I love to make.

The method I enjoy using when working with glass is what is know as The Tiffany Technique, using thin copper foil tape to edge the individual glass pieces.
This enables me to join all the glass together by melting solder to the copper foiled glass, a time consuming but enjoyable process.

I am available to give demonstrations to community groups and do not charge for this service.
However I would like the opportunity to display a selection of my glass items and sell to any of the group members’ who would like to buy.
I would appreciate if groups would inform their members of this beforehand.

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