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21st September

Miss Daisy - Rainbow Bridge

Miss Daisy crossed the Rainbow Bridge today in 2017.
Run Free Miss Daisy

Saying goodbye to Miss Daisy
Today we had to make the heartbreaking decision to let Daisy cat cross The Rainbow Bridge.
Yesterday we spent the day fulfilling Daisy's wish list.

We sat in her favourite sun spots on the garden, we watched the birds on the TV aerials and Daisy even found a moth to play with.
Scout got to play one last game of "cat discovery" with Daisy
"We have a cat? You never told me we have a cat, how exciting" followed by a succession of play bows and spins. Daisy was an old hand at the cat discovery game and as usual wandered nonchalantly off whilst he was in mid-spin.

She got to sit on the side of the bathroom sink and watch as diamond drops of water splashed and splattered around her (she always had a fascination for tap water).
Daisy ate little tiny bits of a quarter pounder for her lunch and fish for her tea (her choice).
She spent the afternoon asleep on the sofa, her characteristic rumbling purr breaking the silence. She spent her last evening in her crappy old cat bed, the same crappy old cat bed that she loved so much.

Today she left this world quietly and with dignity. A whippet guard of honour lit her path (they wouldn’t leave her side).

I am eternally grateful to Owen at Kingshill Cremations for always being there for us when we need him. Nothing has ever been too much of an ask, Daisy is now in the safest of hands.
And what did Daisy ask of me?
Nothing more than my time and love and yesterday we had all the time in the world and enough love to fill an ocean.

Sleep peacefully little bug xx