Andy's Paw Prints
North Carolina
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Andy's Paw Prints creates keepsake pet portraits from your pet photos. We know how much our pets mean to us and we wanted to give people a way to memorialize them. What better way than a beautiful portrait that can be hung on the wall with pride.

But we also wanted to help animals in need at the same time. So we partner with over 200 shelters, rescues, and other animal organizations all over the... US and Canada to help homeless animals in need. We donate 25% of our profit from every sale to help animals in need. We don't just donate at certain events, or times of the year, either. We donate 24/7, 365 days a year.

Andy's Paw Prints is named after our rescue, Andy, and we encourage everyone looking for a pet to adopt from a shelter. These dogs will leave Paw Prints on your heart. Do something good for yourself and for animals in need adopt a pet at your local rescue or shelter.

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